I have been modeling and simulating pharmacokinetic scenarios since I first started on a Stella / I Think programs in the early 90's. Since then I have written programs using Berkeley Madonna, and became proficient in the use of Simulations Plus GastroPlus, Thermo's Kinetica, and Pharsight's WinNONLIN.


My use of GastroPlus is restricted to an Academic License agreement with Simulations Plus., Lancaster, CA. If you require consultation with the use of this program, and/or interpretation of results, I encourage you to first contact Simulations Plus (661-723-7723). If you already own a license for GastroPlus, then I may consult and build models for you on that license.

See: Sutton, S. (2009). "Role of Physiological Intestinal Water in Oral Absorption." The AAPS Journal 11(2): 277-285.


My use of this software developed during my Pfizer days, as I was contributing to its tutorial, and collaborating with colleagues to incorporate a NONMEM component.

Berkeley Madonna

Before GastroPlus became the "gold standard" of simulation software for biopharmaceutics, I wrote numerous programs using this software. In 2008, while trying to predict the impact of API degradation in the gut, I found that this software provided a niche that was not yet filled. See: J. O’Donnell, K. Brighty, J. Engtrakul, M. Fichtner, T. Gootz, J. Hardink, A. Hazra, L. Lamb, Julian Lo, A. Marfat, A. Marra, D. McLeod, R. Monahan, L. Price, K. Soma, S. Sutton, and J. Winton: Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Sulopenem Prodrugs: Impact of Luminal Stability on Fraction of Dose Absorbed, presented at ICAAC/IDSA 46th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC Oct 25-28, 2008

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O'Donnell 2008 F1-352 Luminal Stability [...]
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So, What Can SimConServ Actually Do for My Problem with Simulation & Modeling?

I can help you with the following:

*Select the best modeling software to use for your situation.

*Help you with the best parameter values (all programs listed).

*Help you interpret your results (all programs listed).

*Direct you to other experts if I am contractually restricted.

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